I decided to live like an old man

Spyros Tzortzis
2 min readJul 24, 2016

I consider myself an old man, in the most imaginative and stereotypical way possible since I’m only 25 and a couple of months old.

An old man hasn’t got time to lose, therefore he cuts the middlemen and saves a lot of effort. Also, an old man doesn’t care about his legacy, what would others think. He doesn’t care about his name. He cares only about others and his own effect on others. An old man was never wrong or disappointed for caring about others, that was always the case.

An old man likes to matter, to be listened to. He admires few things more than a good listener.

An old man can’t plan. He isn’t shy. Old man wants, needs, yes, but also asks. He is patient but also can’t waste resources. An old man wishes he could do more.

Now imagine you are an old man that can do more. That has the wisdom and patience and urge and freedom all in the same time.

An old man isn’t easy to miss, but a younger old man would need to start limping or breathing heavily in order to look older. It’s not easy for a young man to look old, it’s quite easy to look like a clown. So how does a younger man will look like an older one?

He must look full, complete, not starving at least. An old man lets others help him, he is vulnerable. He is both kind and grumpy. He knows a lot but also admits that he doesn’t understand. It’s hard to teach him new tricks but in the reality, he is ALWAYS eager to learn. In fact, you will brighten his life if you teach him a thing or two.

An old man forgets quickly - it would require meeting him twice for the first time in order to remember your name. But after that, it’s written permanently on his hard drive.

He is stubborn and you can try to convince him otherwise. He likes his own kind of music and he collects all sorts of books and albums. He is nostalgic by default, let alone if he really misses his past. Let alone if he has a reason for missing it. Darn, I have always been nostalgic ever since I remember myself. My writings are nostalgic under any light you shed on them.

An old man has high standards from his people because he knows what they’re capable of. An old man has pretty low standards for most people because he knows how little or incompetent they are. An old man is an elitist and he feels he has every right to feel like one.

You may hear an old man boasting about the same thing again and again, take him kindly. You may not hear him tell a word about something important, don’t think wrongly of him.

He is the son of controversy, after all, this young old man.



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